CBS Introducing  the Customer Lifecycle


CBS is a transformational customer engagement engine.

Designed to defragment the customer experience, BPO unifies and streamlines how brands acquire, support, and engage customers.

Powered by smart digital customer acquisition technologies, a worldwide network of brand support & sales champions,

and the most robust Customer Experience Management platform in the industry, BPO is optimized to drive end-to-end customer acquisition,

engagement, and growth for the world’s most discerning brands.

The most powerful brands in the world
are associated with CBS CRM.

CBS helps customer

journeys take flight.

CBS can’t give you wings (that’s trademarked), but we can help you fly. We’re the
Wright Brothers of the lifecycle landscape, and we’re about to change the customer
journey for good.

Let’s see our process in action.

Finally, a unified customer lifecycle suite. Sweet.

Multi-vendor headaches? Forget Advil — get CBR-CRM. Embrace the seamless simplicity of the world’s first Marketing, Engagement, and CBS powerhouse.

People-perfect brand champions.

The champs are here! At CBS, we’ve hired the top customer support & success specialists in the industry and put them to work driving customer engagement and revenue growth for the world’s top brands.

Clicks & conversions, connected at the hip.

Still waking up at 3AM worrying about your clicks and conversions? Sleep easy with CRM, the only unified platform with a PhD in Conversion Science.

Keep your loves locked-down.

bex is a firm believer in happy, long, productive relationships. That’s why CRM helps you measure the health of your customer connections, track who is looking sideways, who is on the fence, and who is frollicking in your green field. Act. Delight. Optimize. Repeat.